“If failure is not an option, neither is success.”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:

30 Strict Pull-ups

40 Double Db Standing Strict Press, 35/25 lbs

50 Back Squats, pick load

** As stated in the FB video, if athletes’ legs are tired/not recovered from this week of training, complete..
Single Arm KB Front Rack Carry – 600ft (total for the team)
Switch arms every 50ft. It goes as follows:
A – 50ft. R-arm, 50ft. L-arm
B – same
C – same
A – same
B – same
C – same, totaling 600ft.
Rx weights are listed below:
R1 – 35/26
R2 – 44/35
R3 – 53/44
R4 – 62/53
R5 – 70/62

One athlete works at a time in this team of 3 workout
Teammates can split up reps however they see fit
Complete all reps at one movement before progressing to the next
The score at the end of the 20 minutes is total rounds and reps completed

Let’s choose a variation that allows for at least sets of 3-5 during the workout
It is ok for athletes on the same team to complete different variations of this movement

Let’s choose dumbbell weights that allows for at least 5-7 reps at a time during the workout
Use one set of dumbbells unless teammates are using different weights

The back squats remain at the same reps, but increase weight on every round
Use one barbell and change the weights as you go
It is ok to have multiple barbells if teammates are using different weights
If teams get to the final bar, they’ll complete as many reps as possible until the 20 minutes is up
Choose weights based off the following recommendations:
Round 1: A weight you can cycle for 10+ reps within the workout
Round 2: A weight you can cycle for 8+ reps within the workout
Round 3: A weight you can cycle for 6+ reps within the workout
Round 4: A weight you can cycle for 4+ reps within the workout
Round 5: A weight you can cycle for 2+ reps within the workout

Strict movements can feel good early on, but can quickly disappear as volume starts to accumulate
With partners to share the load with, let’s not try to bite off very big sets at the beginning
Being conservative early and breaking these up well before your movement starts to slow down will help preserve your press and pull throughout
Somewhere between 1-5 reps on the strict pull-ups and 4-7 reps on the strict presses is very sustainable

It’s helpful to have numbers to aim for on each set of back squats
While these goals are nice, it’s ok to switch up the game plan based on how you feel during the workout
Just like the upper body movements, switch out partners before you have to grind out slow reps
Consider the following break-up options for the back squats:
Round 1: Switch Out Every 8-10 Reps
Round 2: Switch Out Every 6-8 Reps
Round 3: Switch Out Every 4-6 Reps
Round 4: Switch Out Every 2-4 Reps
Round 5: Switch Out Every 1-2 Reps