Back Squat 3×5 at 75% 1RM

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:

10 Slam Balls, 30/20 lbs

20 Goblet Alternating Reverse Lunges, 30/20 lbs

30 Double Unders

The workout is moderate length with some odd object weight lifting and bodyweight moving. Think of this as a continuous grind, not a sprint from beginning to end. Each movement should be unbroken, with the exception of the double-unders.
Athletes should be able to move right onto the next movement once they complete the reps.Fitter athletes will be able to keep one round between 1:30-1:45, finishing 6-8 rounds

Shooter’s choice here on how you’d like to hold the slam ball during the lunges – bear hug or on the
shoulder? You choose! Feel free to switch it up every round too

Slam Balls — If an athlete cannot bring the ball overhead, have them perform ground to shoulder with the slam ball or russian kettlebell swings.

Slam Ball Reverse Lunges — Eliminate the weight if the extra load seems to be the issue. If the movement itself is the issue, see if alternating step-ups feel good to try and preserve the single-leg stimulus.
Substitute the slam ball for a dumbbell of equal weight if not enough slam balls

Double-Unders — :30 of practice, 60 single-unders or 60 plate hops.