3 rounds for time of:

30/24 Row Calories

30 Kettlebell Swings, 53/35 lbs

Target time: 8-10 minutes
Time cap: 14 minutes
Large Class Target time: 12-14 minutes
Large Class Time cap: 18 minutes

The stimulus is a moderately-high intensity. Athletes should find and maintain a steady push pace on the row (pushing in the last 10-15 calories of the final) with strategic, consistently near-unbroken kettlebell swings. Giving a heavy emphasis on breathing with all of these movements will aid athletes in their pacing.

Transition on and off the row needs to be aggressive while getting right to work on the kettlebell.

4 rounds for quality of:

60 Alternating Heel Touches

Dumbbell Suitcase Carry, pick load, L 30 yd/R 30 yd

* Rest 1 min