Every 1:30 for 12 mins: Squat Clean

1 Squat Clean, pick load

21-15-9 reps, for time of:

Clean, 135/95 lbs

Ring Dip

This is a 8:00-12:00 workout – Squat Clean “Elizabeth”
Category: Sprint! Threshold! Grind! Yes – this one will feel like all three rolled into one! 45 reps of moderately heavy Squat Cleans and 45 reps of bodyweight Ring Dips means we can move at a pace that will be relatively fast and quite uncomfortable. (It’s really a grind!)
Fast times for “Squat Clean Elizabeth” can finish between 6:00-7:00. We have placed a 12:00 time cap on this workout to ensure that we don’t lose the potency of this classic CrossFit benchmark.
Score: The time it takes to complete the workout. Time cap is 12:00.
Goal: Pick a load that allows for the first set of 21 Squat Cleans to be completed in less than 2:00. For the Ring Dip, pick a rep scheme/modification that allows you to tackle bigger sets (5+ reps per effort).

The loading on the Squat Clean should be a weight that can be completed 2-4 sets across all three rounds. When fresh, this a load that could be cycled for 10 reps with good form and not close to a max effort. Opting for singles is a choice you make for efficiency, not a choice that is forced upon on you. If you can do the prescribed loading, but the repetitions are too high, reduce the number to 15-12-9. When appropriate, exposing yourself to a heavier load in a workout is how we can push beyond sticking points.

The Ring Dips should be cleared in in 2-4 sets every round. Ring Dips are hard and when they go away they can take a long time to come back. If you have Ring Dips but cannot complete 7-10 unbroken, reduce the repetitions to 15-12-9; 12-9-6; or 9-6-3. Using bands could also be an option today. Beginner/de-conditioned athletes should opt for 21-15-9 Jumping Dips.

Time Cap: 12:00
We are huge fans of single rep barbell movements in order to keep the heart rate low and preserve grip, but for today try to aim for a bigger set unbroken. This could be 8, 10, or 12 consecutive reps, but pick a number that will not completely smoke your grip.
Completing the set of 21 and 15 in 2-4 sets under 4:00 and 3:00 respectively, will be the goal.
If we go to Single City, then chase the barbell down to limit the amount of rest in between sets.
Ring Dips are an acquired taste! If you’re good at them you’ll love them, and if you’re not you can spend a lot of time just staring at them.
Be sure to pick an option that will provide a challenge but allow you to keep moving. Jumping Ring Dips are not “easy” when done correctly and will pack a good punch 😉

Reduce Load
Power Clean
Dumbbell Clean

Reduce Reps
Banded Dips
Jumping Dips
Box Dips
Push ups