Complete as many rounds as possible in 16 mins of:

21/15 Row or Bike Calories

12 American Kettlebell Swings, 70/53 lbs

2 Rope Climbs

The rope climb is the highlight of today’s triplet workout
Let’s choose weights and variations that allows us to complete 3-4+ rounds

If unable to Assault Bike/Row, complete one of the following:
Equal Calorie Bike Erg, or Echo Bike
400 Meter Run

Choose a heavier kettlebell weight that allows you to complete the 12 reps in 1-2 sets during the workout

Choose a variation or rep number that allows you to complete the rope climbs in 1:30 or less

STRATEGY + WOD (40:00 – 60:00)
Your pace is dependent on other factors in the workout
It may be helpful to slow things down on the bike/row to try to go unbroken on the bell – which allows you to keep moving for more of the workout
If you are confident with going unbroken on the bell, pick up the pace a bit a little bit on the bike/row

Aim for 1-2 sets on the kettlebell
1 Set: 12
2 Sets: 6-6 or 7-5

Quality rope climbs is the first priority
If this is a movement you’re comfortable with, try to push the pace between reps in order to get to the bike
If you’re not as confident, take a little more rest to ensure a quality two reps