Every 2 mins until failure:

12 GHD Sit-ups

*Bike Erg Calories

*Round 1: 10/8 reps

*Round 2: 12/10 reps

*Round 3: 14/12 reps

… Continue adding 2 Bike Erg Calorie reps each round until failure.

GHD Sit-ups / Stick Sit-ups
Bike Erg Calories / Assault Bike Calories

The stimulus for today’s workout is moderate to high intensity as calories increase. It’s one of those workouts that starts off easy, but by the 4th set, you are panicking to finish to get just a little rest.

Start a little conservative to save the real push when the rest becomes less and less. Remember, if athletes just finish the calories as the clock strikes 2 minutes then, they go right into the ghd’s.

Athletes should have at least 90 seconds or more time for the bike after the ghd’s. Score by the last round + reps.