CrossFit Total II

Clean 1 rep max

Bench Press 1 rep max

Overhead Squat 1 rep max

* Only log the heaviest 1 rep lifts, do not include sets prior. Clean is from the ground, power or squat.

30 mins

No Target Weight. Just lift and have fun!

Athletes will be performing the CrossFit benchmark workout “The Other Total”. This consists of completing 1 rm clean (squat or power), bench press, and overhead squat within 30 minutes. Athletes can choose the order in which they lift. Ensure that athletes have a clear lifting area for the clean and overhead squats and use a spotter during bench press. Athletes should aim to reach a Heavy single in 5-6 working sets or 8-10 minutes. The first few attempts can be attempted on the minute while steadily increasing rest to 90-120 seconds as weight climbs.

We don’t want athletes to feel like they have to “Max Out”. Stress the importance of proper lifting and staying within their realm. Do not allow athletes to build in weight if they can not show consistent form across reps. Also, keep an eye out for those trying to attempt a lift as the clock winds down because sometimes it’s just not worth it (end on a good note if possible).

Beginner Option:

Power Clean 1, using heaviest weight per set

Bench Press 1, using heaviest weight per set

Front Squat 1, using heaviest weight per set