For time: Surprise!

* Just like a wrapped gift under the tree on Christmas morning, the 12 Days of SHRED CrossFit Christmas will be a surprise. We will put the WOD into BTWB after all the heats have finished so that everyone is surprised and can then log their time.

* Athletes are highly encouraged to arrive AT LEAST 15min early, before your scheduled heat time, to receive instructions / explanation of the WOD and any questions answered.

* You are encouraged to also warmup on our own. There will be no ‘coach led’ warmup. Plan for the WOD to take about 45min. For the respect of all the other athletes and heat times, please exist the workout floor around the 45min time cap.

* This is a Holiday / community workout that is light hearted and super fun. Our coaches and staff do a fantastic job of volunteering their time to decorate the gym to add to your Holiday enjoyment!

* The WOD will follow the 12 days of Christmas song. For example…

Day 1 = x1 burpee
Day 2 = x2 Kettlebell swings
Day 3 = x3 box jumps

Athlete will perform:
x1 burpee

x2 kettlebell swings
x1 burpee

x3 box jumps
x2 kettlebell swings
x1 burpee

etc…..following the flow of the song. Always working your way back to day 1. Athletes will also be given cards to help them with the stations.

Merry Christmas and see everyone on Saturday!