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Thruster 1-1-1-1-1

Build to Heavy Single
Athletes will have 15 minutes to build to their heavy thruster from the rack
We have gone from the floor in the past, but today we’ll get a true feel for a heavy single thruster – as there is no need to clean the weight to the shoulder
At the lighter loads, athletes can complete more than 1 rep in to get warmed up

5 rounds for time of:

40/30 Row or Bike Calories

20 Thrusters, 115/80 lbs

* Teams of 2 *
Teams may split / partition the calories and thruster reps as they see fit.
Expect the 5 rounds to take between 12-22 minutes to complete

The barbell in “Blitzen” starts from the floor, not the racks
This should be a moderate thruster weight that can be completed in 1-3 sets each round
If athlete was fresh, they should be able to complete 12+ thrusters.

The workout today will be dictated by our thruster approach
The goal here is to pick a break-up strategy that we can realistically hold across the 5 sets
1 set is awesome, but only if that is something that can be maintained
If you’re planning on 2 sets at some point, let’s do that from the beginning
When we plan the break, the rest is a lot shorter than if we’re forced to break because of fatigue

Row at a pace that supports your strategy on the barbell
This is ideally the fastest pace that allows for an immediate transition to the bar for your planned set
You should be able to get off the rower/bike, walk to the barbell, and start your first set of thrusters
This is better than rowing/biking fast, taking a long chalk break, then starting
Row/bike methodically, focus on your breathing, and smash the barbell