2 Clean & Jerks, 70% 1RM

* Every 1 min for 10 mins.

Complete 2 reps every minute for 10 minutes. Reps are performed in singles to insure proper form.
If athletes miss a rep due to rushing the lift or getting lazy, then if time permits, they may finish before the next minute. If this pattern continues, be sure to have the athletes scale the weight down where lifts are more comfortable.
Record each set of 2 as your score for load

For time:

60 Row Calories

30 Synchronized Sit-ups

50 Row Calories

25 Synchronized Sit-ups

40 Row Calories

20 Synchronized Sit-ups

30 Row Calories

15 Synchronized Sit-ups

20 Row Calories

10 Synchronized Sit-ups

Stimulus is moderate intensity across the workout. Athletes have a total of 100 GHD’s which is considered moderate to high volume for class athletes.  Core fatigue from GHD’s will cause an added challenge to core stability needed to row, so athletes should be prepared for this

.Teams of 2
Cal Row
Synchro Sit Ups
Women’s cals: 48-40-32-24-16