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Overhead Squat (Bottom Pause) 1-1-1-1-1

Athletes will have 15 minutes to build to a heavy single pausing overhead squat out of the rack
A couple things to note logistically:
As the weight increases, it is safer for athletes to drop the weight to the ground in front of them as opposed to returning it to the back rack
Athletes can have their buddies on the rack keep them accountable for the 3 second pause by counting out loud

Complete as many rounds as possible in 16 mins of:

15 Overhead Squats, 95/65 lbs

30 Double Unders

15 Deadlifts, 95/65 lbs

30 Double Unders

The Overhead Squat is the focus of today’s two part workout
Looking for athletes to choose weights and variations that allows them to complete 3-4+ rounds today

In the strength portion, athletes will build to a heavy pausing overhead squat out of the racks
Athletes will pause for 3 seconds in the bottom position before standing
Within the workout, there are no pauses
Athletes can choose a lighter weight for “”Double Jointed”” that allows them to complete the 15 reps in 2 sets

The deadlift is intended to be very light today
Unless there is a big difference in weights between the overhead squat and deadlifts, let’s try to use one barbell today

Athletes can choose double under variation that allows them to complete the 30 reps in no more than 40 seconds
Reduce Reps
40 Seconds of Practice
45 Single Unders (1.5x)

We can center all our efforts around the overhead squats today, as they are likely the most challenging movement
Lets aim for 1-2 sets here throughout the workout
1 Set: 15
2 Sets: 8-7 or 9-6

Approach these two movements in a way that allows you to complete the overhead squats in 1-2 sets
It is better to break these up more in order to break the overhead squats up less
These two movements are also much easier to break than the overhead squats
Take one break on the rope and a few breaks on the bar as needed
Double Unders:
1 Set: 30
2 Sets: 15-15 or 20-10
2 Sets: 8-7 or 9-6
3 Sets: 5-5-5 or 6-5-4