Shoulder Press 4-4-4

Establish a 4RM for the day.
1x 2-4 reps at 85-90% of original 4RM
1x 2-4 reps at 80-85% of original 4RM

Work up to a 4 RM. Take a minute or so and then go into the 2 drop sets

Drop Set: is an advanced resistance training technique in which you focus on completing a set until failure or the inability to do another repetition (don’t go until form breaks).

Try and reach a heavy 4 rep in 4-5 working sets (not including light warm up set). For working sets we want to hit a few lifts of 3-5 reps and save the 4 rep for the final attempt.

For 2 cycles: In 5 mins do:

10 Shuttle Runs, 50 ft

then in the remaining time, AMRAP of:

5 Box Jumps, 30/24 in

5 Strict Handstand Push-ups

15 Air Squats

– Rest 5 mins between each cycle.

For each cycle begin with the buy-in and then continue the AMRAP.

Target number of Rounds each set: 4+ Rounds
Minimum number of Rounds before scaling: 3 Rounds

The stimulus for today’s workout is moderate-high intensity with repeatable performances across the 2-amraps. Athletes must attack on the run into a near non-stop aggressive pace through the short rep bodyweight amrap. We have a long rest period that is 1:1, which allows athletes to partner up if needed for large class settings.

ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK. Keep the tempo up during the amrap and focus on recovering and getting the heart rate back down for round 2.