This week, our effort is to prime.
Keeping our lungs at the ready, we’ll sweat and move, while keeping skills fresh. The aim is to be chomping at the bit for Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

3 rounds for time of:

50 Air Squats

Run, 400 m

30/24 Row or Bike Calories

Weighted Run, 50/35 lbs, 200 m

This 3-round workout is designed to be low skill and high effort
With simple movements, athletes can focus more on their effort than the movements themselves
Looking for this workout to take somewhere between 20-30 minutes to complete

The 400 meter runs are completed with no weight
The 200 Meter Wreck Bag runs should be completed with a weight that allows athletes to run the whole time
If unable to use a Wreck Bag, run with another weighted object of some kind (medicine ball, sandbag, plate,
If unable to 400 Meter Run:
800 Meter Bike Erg
28/20 Calorie Assault Bike
Increase Row to 50/35 Calories
If Unable to 200 Meter Wreck Bag Run:
100 Meter Farmers Carry
200 Meter Ski Erg

If you’re short on rowers, stagger heats by 2 minutes

The best part of today’s workout is that there are no movements to break-up
This is 20+ minutes of just moving
Instead of figuring out what to break-up, athletes simply have to find their max sustainable speed across the 3 rounds
Let’s find a speed in round 1 that athletes are confident in holding on to in round 2
They can ask themselves: “How fast can I go in round 1 without having to slow down in round 2?”
If the first two rounds are approached correctly, athletes will be able to push the last round – even possibly making it their fastest