10-20-30 reps, for time of:


Hang Power Clean, 115/80 lbs

Bar Facing Burpee

Stimulus for today’s workout is a moderate-high effort. Athletes should try and ramp up the pace and see if they can fight hard until the end. This workout will test your grip capacity and ability to push with high intensity!

The 10s go by fast, so stay steady and donโ€™t empty the tank until the final set of bar facing burpees. JUST STAY MOVING!

For quality: Ring Transition

Set Up:
Rings should be set to chest height (top of the ring)

Rings shoulder width apart

false grip

Ugly squat (Toes directly under rings/rig) * Adjust angle as needed based on skill *

Eyes and hips to the ceiling, keep the false grip!

Pull through the rings with chest and shoulders coming over top of the rings.

At the bottom of the dip, head is looking down, the hands squeezing the rings to hips with elbows back (90 degrees)

Don’t Dolphin!

Breathe! Don’t overstrain while keeping the body stable

Scaling Options:
Have athletes start from the beginning and progress within their limitations.

Move feet back, add a plate for the dip.