Clean & Push Jerk 1×1

* Use the heaviest weight you can for the set.

10-12 mins to build to a heavy single.

Try to reach a 1RM in 6-8 working sets

Set-up is vital, focusing on good quality reps that mirror each other.

Athletes should aim for consistency in their landing position with proper footwork. Emphasize getting under the bar instead of catching it above parallel and riding it down into the squat.

If athletes are new or have missed classes, instruct them to use a lightweight that feels and looks good or change to power clean.

The goal is to get heavier than before, but not at the expense of losing form. Stay safe, and have fun!

For 3 cycles:

AMRAP in 5 mins of:

8 Overhead Squats, 95/65 lbs

8 Burpee Over Bars

8 Pull-ups

* Rest 3 mins between each cycle. For each cycle restart the AMRAP.

Target number of Rounds: 3+ rounds
Minimum number of Rounds before scaling: 2 Rounds

Stimulus is moderate intensity across all rounds. Athletes will be restarting rounds after the rest. Athletes should utilize the 3 minute rest for deep recovery breaths and assess if the pacing needs to be changed for the next round. Low rep ranges mean that athletes can attempt to go unbroken on Overhead squats and pull ups throughout this workout.

The clock should be athletes second coach as they should attempt to keep consistent round times across. Goal pace should be 1 round every 75 seconds or less.