For time:

Weighted Run, 400 m

50 Deadlifts, 185/135 lbs

50 Sit-ups

100 Goblet Squats

100 Overhead Walking Lunges

Row Calorie

1. Run for your life!! 400m Run with partner. Must carry pumpkin at all times.

2. Dead Rising Deadlifts! Resting partner must do wall sit with pumpkin.

3. Zombie Raise (situps)! With partners facing each other and passing pumpkin back and forth

4. Goblin Goblet Squats! Working partner must hold pumpkin

5. Overhead Frankenstein Lunges! Working partner must hold pumpkin over head while lunging.

6. Calorie Candy Cash Out! Each team picks a bag before the WOD starts. In each bag is candy…team must row / bike the calories in the bag.

Happy Halloween!!