“What you dwell on, is what you become.” – Oprah Winfrey

Back Squat 6-6-6

Athletes will have 15 minutes to complete their 3 “”working sets”” of 6 back squats
Before the working sets, let’s get a few warmup sets in
There is the option to build in weight each time or stay at one challenging weight across

Athletes have the choice to build in weight or stay at the same challenging weight across
Before the 3 sets of 6, athletes can take 3-4 warmup sets to build to their first “”working”” set of the day

For time:

50-35-20 reps of:

Double Under

AbMat Sit-up

— then —

50-35-20 reps of:

Double Under

Air Squat

Working some Back Squats today followed by two back-to-back couplets of double unders and bodyweight movements
There is no rest between couplets, so athletes will move right from one section to the next
Looking for “”Underbelly”” to take somewhere between 12-20 minutes

Choose Double Under variations that allow you to complete the 50-35-20 reps in 60-45-30 seconds respectively
Reduce reps or choose one of the options listed below:
Reduce Reps
60-45-30 Seconds of Practice
100-70-40 Single Unders

Aim for big sets on the rope first and foremost, as breaking that station would be the only place in the workout where you stop moving
If you are comfortable going big on the rope, the next place to make up time would speeding up the cycle time of your abmat sit-ups and air squats
If you are less comfortable with big sets on the rope, slow down the cycle time of the other two movements to better compose yourself for double unders
One other strategic piece with all the transitions to and from the rope is to make sure you neatly place your jump rope on the ground
Throwing the rope down and having to untangle it 6 times during the workout can add up to almost a minute of lost time