For time:

Pumpkin Run, 800 m

— then —

13 rounds of:

6 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans, 50/35 lbs

6 Double Dumbbell Thrusters, 50/35 lbs

6 Burpees

— then —

Pumpkin Run, 800 m

— then —

Eat Candy – Our Famous Candy Cashout! 

Team of 2

The 800m Buy-In and Cash-Out Pumpkin run will be completed with partners performing a 200m relay while holding / running with their pumpkin or med ball.
bike while other partner holds pumpkin.

The 13 Rounds will be performed as a ‘you go, I go’ fashion. One unlucky teammate will perform 7 rounds! Rock…paper…scissor…
decrease DB weight
KB swings > Goblet squats
elevated burpee (if needed)


You must hold onto your team’s pumpkin the whole time. It may never touch the ground. If it does, stop what you are doing and each athlete perform a x10 Frankenstein Situp penalty.
* Careful not to set it down…again!
* Also, be on the lookout for some other team to knock your pumpkin out of your hands!

The rules for the world famous SHRED CrossFit “HIDDEN CANDY CASHOUT” will be discussed at the time of the workout at the board…!