In 12 mins, for max reps of:

Ski Erg, 2000/1600 m

max reps in remaining time GHD Sit-ups

— Rest 1 min —

In 12 mins, for max reps of:

Bike Erg, 4000/3200 m

max reps in remaining time Burpee Box Jump Overs, 24/20 in

Complete in teams of 2.

One athlete works at a time.

Ski Erg / Row- shared between partners
GHD Sit-ups / AbMat Sit-ups
Bike Erg / 100 Shuttle Runs, 50 ft- shared between partners

For the shuttle runs, one rep is 50 feet total (25 down + 25 back). One partner should do 10 reps, then trade with their partner (each doing 5 sets total).

Target number of reps each set:
Workout 1: 75+ reps
Workout 2: 40+ reps

Minimum number of reps before scaling:
Workout 1: 50+ reps
Workout 2: 20 reps

Stimulus is steady effort back and forth with a partner so that ergs can be completed. Constant effort can be applied to movements following each machine. The score is the number of combined reps from both partners. Machines and movements can be split between partners in any fashion.

Aggressive on the transitions is the key to success. Push on the ergs and keep a solid work flow through the lifts/movements.