For time:

100/80 Assault Bike Calories

— Rest 3 mins —

10 rounds of:

10/8 Assault Bike Calories

* Rest 1:1

100/80 Assault Bike Calories / 90/70 Echo Bike Calories
10/8 Assault Bike Calories / 9/7 Echo Bike Calories

Stimulus for today is moderate-steady pacing into fast-high intensity intervals. Athletes are going to start off with a strong, mental grind on the bike, then transition into fast sprints with the goal to stay consistent and hang on for dear life.

For quality:

Ring Muscle-up Practice

Set Up:

Rings should be set just above athletes max reach
Rings shoulder width apart
false grip or overhand grip


Strong and smooth kip with explosive hips
Eyes and hips to the ceiling, keep the false grip!
Pull through the rings with chest and shoulders coming over top of the rings.
At the bottom of the dip, head is looking down, the hands squeezing the rings to hips with elbows back (90 degrees)
Don’t Dolphin!
Breathe! Don’t overstrain while keeping the body stable

Scaling Options:

Have athletes start from the beginning and progress within their limitations.
Use low ring with band