Strict Press 1×3 at 54% 1RM

Strict Press 1×3 at 64% 1RM

Strict Press 1×3 at 64% 1RM

Strict Press 1×3 at 70% 1RM

Strict Press 1×3 at 70% 1RM

Strict Press 1×3 at 74% 1RM

Strict Press 1×3 at 74% 1RM

Today’s strength portion has a time component. Athletes will have 14-15min., performing a set every 2min. adjusting their weights on the barbell accordingly.

For beginner to intermediate athletes, continue to set good technique…prioritizing mechanics over weight.
Look to gradually build up in weight with every set
The goal isn’t to max out your lifts, just to get to something relatively heavy here within the allotted time

As many reps as possible in 12 mins of:

3 Push Press, 115/85 lbs

3 Toes-to-bars

3 Bike Calories

6 Push Press, 115/85 lbs

6 Toes-to-bars

6 Bike Calories

9 Push Press, 115/85 lbs

9 Toes-to-bars

9 Bike Calories

… Continue adding 3 reps each round to each movement until time expires.

This two-part training day will focus on cycling heavy and moderate weight push presses
Note that for both of these parts, there is no re-bend of the knees after driving the weight overhead
In our strength piece, we’ll build to a heavy triple out of the rack
The barbell comes from the floor in today’s ascending rep conditioning piece
Reps will climb by 3 reps every round
Your score at the end of the 12 minutes is total reps completed
With the right weight and variations, you can expect to get to or through the round of 15
Reference below for a cheat sheet of rep numbers:
Finish Round of 3: 9 Reps
Finish Round of 6: 27 Reps
Finish Round of 9: 54 Reps
Finish Round of 12: 90 Reps
Finish Round of 15: 135 Reps
Finish Round of 18: 189 Reps
Finish Round of 21: 252 Reps

Choose a light-moderate weight for “Kick, Push” that you could complete for 20+ unbroken reps when fresh
This should be a weight that allows you to finish first two double digit rounds (12-15) in 2 sets

If you have 15+ unbroken toes to bar when fresh, complete this station as written
Since we’re climbing by 3 reps each round, it may be easier to change the variation instead of the rep scheme
For Example: Instead of completing less toes to bar per round, look to complete the same number with a variation that allows for 15 good reps when fresh, which could be knees to elbows

If you’re short on bikes, stagger athletes by 1 minute or choose different machine
For simplicity, men and women will complete the same number of calories
See “modifications” for bike alternatives

Equal Reps Double Dumbbell Push Press
2x Reps Single Dumbbell Push Press
Equal Reps Full Kettlebell Swings

Reduce Reps
Feet as High as Possible
Knees to Elbow/Chest/Waist
Equal Reps Toes Raises

Equal Calories Any Machine
Equal Reps Shuttle Runs (10 Meters)

Let’s view the early, single digit rounds as the buy-in to the workout
Speed here matters far less than being able to sustain your intensity through the double digit rounds
The early rounds will go by very quickly, so set yourself up for a good second half of the workout
The following approach can work well for the three movements today:
Steady bike pace that allows for big sets of push presses
Large sets of push press (1 set for single digit rounds, 2 sets in double digit rounds)
Break the toes to bar up into quick, manageable chunks from the beginning (Sets of 3-6)