Snatch 1×1

* Use the heaviest weight you can for the set.

10-12 mins to build to a heavy single.

Try to reach a 1RM in 6-8 working sets

Set up is vital, focusing on good quality reps that mirror each other.

Athletes should aim for consistency in their landing position with proper footwork. Emphasize getting under the bar instead of catching it above parallel and riding it down into the squat.

If athletes are new or have missed classes, instruct them to use a lightweight that feels and looks good or change to power clean.

The goal is to get heavier than before, but not at the expense of losing form. Stay safe, and have fun!

For time:

Row, 2000/1750 m

* Every 2 mins (starting at 0:00) complete: 15/12 Push-ups

Stimulus is moderate, steady intensity on the rower with fast, quick sets on push-ups to strategically utilize rest in order to avoid burning out and losing out on time to row. Athletes should complete pushups in 20-25 seconds or less. If an athlete is going over this timeframe, they should modify the difficulty of the movement or lower the volume. Athletes should also be making the transition from the rower to the floor at around the 1:55 mark each round so they can begin on pushups immediately on the 0:00 mark.

Prior to starting the workout have athletes practice getting on and off the rower as efficiently as possible. Cutting down transition time will only help in obtaining more meters each set.