For time:

3 rounds of:

1 Wall Climb + Hold, 10 secs

Back To Wall Handstand Hold, 20 secs

Rest 1 min

— then —

Tripod Hold, 10 secs

10 Hand Plank Shoulder Circles

Rest 1 min

— then —

3 rounds of:

10 Kipping Handstand Push-ups

Rest 1 min

— Teeter Totters
— one partner
— TWO partners

1). make sure rests are happening
2). last section is kipping HSPU/OPTIONS:
— reduce reps (NO MORE THAN ONE ABMAT)
— work on timing of hip pop/push/head through
— Negatives (kick OFF WALL before head touches mat)

3 rounds for quality of:

Elbow Plank Hold, 45 secs

10 Seated Behind-the-Neck Strict Press, 45/35 lbs

20 Prisoner Walking Lunges

10 Banded Lat Pull Downs


Deadlift 5×3 at 68% 1RM

Today’s strength portion has a time component. Athletes will have 10min., performing a set every 2min.
Percentages should ideally range from 65-70%

For beginner to intermediate athletes, continue to set good technique…prioritizing mechanics over weight.
Look to gradually build up in weight with every set
The goal isn’t to max out your lifts, just to get to something relatively heavy here within the allotted time

4 rounds for quality of:

6 Single Arm Dumbbell High-pulls, pick load

6 Half Kneeling Single Arm Dumbbell Press, pick load

6 Alternating Strict Single Leg Crossbody Toes-to-bars

x6 each side on every exercise