5 Back Squats, pick load

* Every 2 mins for 10 mins.

Start at 60% of 1RM and build to a moderately-heavy set (75-80%).

Athletes should go off their most recent Heavy Single. If they are new or don’t have a recent max, start with a light weight and build to a moderately heavy 5 that looks and feels good.

Make sure athletes focus on a deep stomach breath before every lift.

Every 5 mins for 20 mins do:

20/16 Air Bike Calories

20/16 Row Calories

Target time each set: 2-2:30
Time cap each set: 3 minutes

To ensure consistency in performance, the stimulus for this workout is moderate with a push pace effort that can be replicated across sets. The goal is to maintain a close to 1:1 work/rest ratio, which requires athletes to move with a purpose through each station.

Keep the transitions seamless and give it your all on that final set. Donโ€™t let athletes spend too much time on the ground during the rest. Get up and move before the next set.