“Roses that are left unpruned can become a tangled mess of old and new canes, all competing for air and light.” – Elizabeth Roth

Choose One: 

Strict Handstand Push-ups 3x max rep

Strict Ring Dips 3x max rep

Push-ups 3x max rep

In the first part of today’s workout, athletes will choose from one of three strict gymnastics movements
Athletes will complete 3 sets for max unbroken reps at that one movement
There are 3 different levels of complexity of these strict movements:
Least Complex: Push-ups
Moderate Complexity: Strict Ring Dips
**Most Complex: **Strict Handstand Push-ups

To get the most bang for our buck, let’s choose the movement (or variation of that movement) that allows for at least 7 reps per set

Athletes will have 10 minutes to work through the strict gymnastic movement of their choice
2-3 minutes of rest should be plenty of time to reload between the 3 sets
To get an accurate assessment of these movements, let’s encourage athletes to preserve strict movement and full range of motion to the best of their ability

* Below is a summary of hand placement & full range of motion:

Hand Placement: Hands at Shoulder Width and in Front of Head in Tripod Position
Bottom Range of Motion: Top of Head Makes Contact with Floor
Top Range of Motion: Elbows and Body at Full Extension

Hand Placement: Straps Set at Shoulder Width with Rings in Contact with the Body
Bottom Range of Motion: Shoulder Below Elbows
Top Range of Motion: Elbows at Full Extension

Hand Placement: Hands Set at Back Under Shoulders
Bottom Range of Motion: Chest Touching Floor at Nipple Line with Waistband Off the Floor
Top Range of Motion: Elbows at Full Extension

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:

10 Burpees

25 Double Unders

After this strict gymnastics session, athletes will the complete a simple and effective combination of burpees and double unders
Athletes can expect to complete between 7-12 rounds over the 12 minutes

This workout is all about finding a way to keep moving across the 12 minutes of work
The way we stay moving as much as possible is by establishing a pace on the burpees that allows for as few sets as possible on the rope
If you know double unders are going to be a tough movement, slow down the burpees
For big picture pacing help, imagine doing burpees for 7 minutes straight
That is likely the speed we’re trying to hold from the very beginning

As far as efficiency goes, setting the rope neatly on the ground after each set of double unders makes for a much smoother transition
Also, whenever you finish a movement, make it your goal to just start the next station
Just drop down into the first burpee and just pick up the handles of the rope
These immediate transitions keep you moving and help you feel like you’re always progressing in the right direction