“Perfection can be spelled with the word paralysis.” – Churchill

For quality:

Rope Climb, 10 mins

Athletes will use about 10min to perform as many rope climbs as they feel comfortable with. Some suggestions are listed below:

Treat as an EMOM and perform 1-2 rope climbs every minute
Try legless rope climbs!
Use a weighted vest and climb the rope
Work on / practice rope climb progressions; knees to elbows, foot locks, strict rope pullups, etc…

Beginners will use this time to go over / practice pullup skills and get set up for the workout.

In 15 mins do:

100/80 Bike Calories

then in the remaining time,


8 Burpee Box Jumps, 24/20 in

8 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

To start off this 15 minute workout, you’ll complete 100/80 Calories on the Assault Bike
Once you finish all the calories, you’ll spend the remainder of the workout completing rounds of burpee box jumps and chest to bar pull-ups
Your score is the total number of rounds and reps completed before the time cap
Cap the bike calories at 9 minutes, giving you at least 6 minutes to complete the scored portion of the workout
If short on bikes, stagger heats by 9 minutes
Choose a chest to bar pull-up variation that allows you to complete the 8 reps in 2-3 quick sets max
On the burpee box jumps, stand to full extension at the top of each rep
If unable to bike, complete one of the following:
Run: 1 Mile Run
Row: 2000/1,500 Meter Row
Bike Erg: 4,000/3,500 Meters
Echo Bike: 100/80 Calories

Move at a moderate pace on the buy-in bike, one that allows you to get to the scored portion of the workout under control and ready to go
With the goal being to move as much as possible during the 15 minutes, hold a pace on the opening bike that you think you could sustain for 15 minutes of work
Once you get to the rounds of 8 and 8, the main priority is the chest to bar pull-ups
8 reps is right in that range where we can push for larger sets on the gymnastics movement
Find a speed on the burpee box jumps that allows you to complete the chest to bar pull-ups in as few sets as possible

Movement Subs:
Reduce Reps
Chin Over Bar Pull-ups
Banded Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Jumping Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Ring Rows

Go a little slower than you want to on your opening round of burpee box jumps, as you can always get faster
We would rather have the option to speed up instead of being forced to slow down
If you’re able to keeping moving on the burpee box jumps and minimize breaks on the chest to bar pull-ups, you maximize your potential to get work done
If you do see yourself having to break the chest to bar pull-ups at some point, consider the following sets:
1 Set: 8
2 Sets: 4-4
3 Sets: 3-3-2