Hang Power Clean : 5 Rep Max

Record your best Hang Power Clean 5 rep max lift.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 14 mins of:

60 Row Calories

50 Toes-to-bars

40 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs, 10/9 ft

30 Cleans, 135/95 lbs

20 Muscle-ups

Stagger start by 5 min if not enough rowers

Strategy and Tips
– Top 5% score: 192 reps (12 Muscle Ups)
– Steady pace on the rower, don’t start too quickly as it is the first exercise
– Small sets on TTB (4-5 reps) to avoid fatigue where you need to rest for long time or do singles
– You should be recovered (low HR) after TTB so hit as much wall balls as you can and then finish them
– Singles on cleans, just get through with almost no rest between reps
– If you have over 2 min left, split the muscle ups to small sets else go for one large set and a few small sets

-Reduce Reps
-Knees to Chest
-2x Sit Ups

CLEAN (these can be power)
-Reduce Load
-Reduce Reps
-Double Dumbbell Power Clean
-Hang Power Clean

Decrease the repetitions
Bar Muscle ups
Jumping muscle ups ( bar or ring)
x2 Pull Ups (Chin over bar or CTB)
x Ring Rows