Each for distance:

Row, 7 mins

* Rest 1 min

Bike Erg, 7 mins

* Rest 1 min

Ski Erg, 7 mins

Focus is a moderate, sustainable pace across the entirety of each 7:00 min session. Athletes will record the total distance from EACH section for a total of 3 scores. Athletes should be sure that they don’t make the mistake of over-pacing at the beginning and create a fatigue deficit that they can’t recover from (1 min rest is just enough to get setup on the next machine but not much time for recovery).

7:00 is a long time, and athletes should save the final push for the last 60 seconds on the 3rd erg.

1 Hang Power Snatch, pick load

* Every 1 min for 10 mins.

This is meant to be a bonus strength accessory piece. Advanced athletes can build up in weight, and beginners will work on form and consistency.

Make sure athletes don’t add weight if it does not look or feel good. For Beginners, have them stay light and work on form. Use Dumbbells or a PVC pipe if needed to hammer in the technique.

Remember, for hang power snatch, athletes should stand the weight up before settling down into the hang position (anywhere above the knees). Activate lats, strong drive through the mid foot, snap, and pull yourself under with a solid landing position before standing up. Move the feet!!!!