5 Back Squats, pick load

* Every 2 mins for 10 mins.

70% of heavy single from week 1.

Athletes should go off of their Heavy Single from week 1, and if they are new or missed, then use a lightweight that feels good and looks good.
Make sure athletes focus on a deep stomach breath before every lift.

5 rounds, each round for time, of:

12/10 Air Bike Calories

60 Double Unders

12/10 Air Bike Calories

* Go every 3 mins.

Target time each set: 1:30-1:45
Time cap each set: 2:30
Stimulus is moderate-high intensity that can be replicated each round. Athletes should not push to a place on the bike that results in slower pace times in later sets. This workout is designed to attack athletes’ breathing and make it challenging to complete the skill of double unders while being under heavy duress. Stay Calm!

As always, approach that first set with a little lighter pace to see how the body reacts to the combination. First set should be the slowest while holding a consistent pace through sets 2-4 and then selling out on the 5th.