Romanian Deadlift 6-6-6

Athletes will have 12 minutes to build to their moderate set of 6.

The goal here is ideally control and positioning over speed or weight lifted. Also, the goal of the Romanian Deadlift is to strengthen our hip hinge while also strengthening our positioning and posterior chain.

The final few sets used here will likely be near the barbell weight being used in the workout today.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:

3 Deadlifts, 205/145 lbs

3 Toes-to-bars

3 Lateral Burpee Over Bars

6 Deadlifts, 205/145 lbs

6 Toes-to-bars

6 Lateral Burpee Over Bars

9 Deadlifts, 205/145 lbs

9 Toes-to-bars

9 Lateral Burpee Over Bars

…..continue by adding 3 reps to each moment until the 12min. cap.

The Deadlift is the focus of today’s two part workout
In our strength piece, we’ll complete the Romanian Deadlift variation, as we build to a moderate set of 6
The deadlift used in the workout is a traditional deadlift
These deadlifts should be performed at a moderate weight that you could complete 25+ reps unbroken when fresh

Choose a toes to bar option that you could complete 15+ unbroken reps when fresh
Since we are climbing by 3’s in this workout, let’s opt to change the variation and not the rep scheme to keep things simple

No need to stand to full extension on the burpee over the bar. If needed, scale to regular burpees.

In any ascending rep scheme workout, it’s the work that we can’t see on paper that really counts
All the single digit rep rounds are essentially a buy-in for what is to come later on
In the opening sets of 3-6-9, we can aim to set ourselves up for strong rounds of 12-15-18 and maybe even beyond
Move methodically from the beginning in order to stay moving as much as possible on the back half of this workout

Consider breaking the deadlifts and toes to bar into sets from the very beginning
While we could go bigger, we may benefit from quick sets and quick breaks
Since each of these numbers is divisible by 3, sets of 3 are a really simple option, and a manageable number that we’ll always be able to complete during the workout
If you do plan on going bigger, it’s always helpful to have 3’s as a back-up plan
If you find yourself having to rest a lot, immediately go to a smaller rep scheme strategy to keep charging forward in small chunks

Steady pace on the Lat Burpee over the BB to allow you to approach the DL bar, take a composure breath, then start DL. Athletes may choose the step up burpee to keep HR down while doing burpees.