“The privilege of a lifetime, is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:

1 rounds of The Chief, 135/95 lbs

60 Double Unders

2 rounds of The Chieves, 135/95 lbs

60 Double Unders

3 rounds of The Chieves, 135/95 lbs

60 Double Unders

4 rounds of The Chieves, 135/95 lbs

60 Double Unders

5 rounds of The Chieves, 135/95 lbs


Continue to add 1 round of “The Chief’ until the time cap. 

Today we’ll work through Double Unders and rounds of the Hero Workout “”The Chief””
1 Round of “The Chief”:
3 Power Cleans (135/95)
6 Push-ups
9 Air Squats
The barbell should be a light-moderate weight that you could cycle for unbroken sets, but may opt for quick singles during the workout
Choose a push-up rep number or variation that you can complete the 6 reps in 1-2 sets each round
After set of DU’s, the rounds of “The Chief” will increase
Continue to add 1 round of “The Chief” until the 20 minutes is up
Score this workout as total fully completed rounds + reps of “The Chief”
For Example: If you finished all the rounds once you got to the “5 Rounds of The Chief”, your score would be 15 Rounds (5+4+3+2+1)
For simplicity, DUs will not count towards you score

reduce reps; considers 30 or 45 reps
1min of DU practice
x100 single unders

This workout is all about finding a way to stay moving
We have a longer effort and increasing rounds
It will feel like we can come out strong to start, because the rounds move quickly
Once we get into the 4+ rounds of The Chief is when this workout starts to get real
Let’s work hard and smart from the very beginning

Within these rounds, we can find a place to push and place to pace
If there is one station we can absolutely try to go with big sets, it’s the push-ups
There is no interference between the push-ups and any other movement, so try for unbroken sets if possible
The movement that is up for debate is the power cleans
While 3 is a small number that could be completed unbroken, singles might be the most consistent option across the board
The air squats can help you go big on the cleans if that’s the plan
Slowing down the 9 air squats and catching your breath can then help you load up for an unbroken barbell set
No matter what your initial strategy is, just find a way to not stop moving
The DUs go hand in hand with that thought – so jump rope at the fastest pace that still allows you to crush The Chief movements and helps you continuously move forward