Teams of 2 –

10 rounds for time of:

23/18 Ski Erg Calories

23/18 Bike Erg Calories

Ski Erg Calories / Row Calories
Bike Erg Calories / Bike Calories

Complete in teams of 2. You go-I go fashion; 10 round each

All the cardio today for your athletes to end the year. Partner 1 starts off completing the ski and moving right to the bike. Once partner 1 finishes the bike then partner 2 may begin on the ski. Athletes will go back and forth on sets (1:1) until 20 sets (10 each) are complete. Pacing is moderate and consistent while trying to keep similar set times.

This is going to be a long workout. Make sure athletes have plenty of fluids nearby and a towel cause we are getting sweaty!