For time:

60 Bench Press, 135/85 lbs

Partner Run, 800 m

40 Bench Press, 155/95 lbs

Partner Run, 800 m

20 Bench Press, 185/105 lbs

Partner Run, 800 m

Complete in teams of 2.

Partner Run / 100/75 Air Bike Calories- shared
Bench Press- split as needed

Target time: sub 18 minutes
Time cap: 25 minutes
The stimulus for today’s workout is going to be a long grind effort where athletes will work 1:1 on reps for bench while enjoying a nice stroll together for the run. Athletes need to approach this with solid planned sets that will allow both athletes to sustain a consistent work flow.

As the weight increases, make sure athletes can still maintain form with every lift. Partner not lifting is always spotting.

Substitute 100/75 Calorie Air Bike (shared) in place of each run, if needed.

For quality:

40 Strict Toes-to-bars

* Every time you break complete: 5 Up-Downs

Accumulate 25 Strict Toes To Bar

Every time you break complete:
5 Up Downs