1x [ 1 Power Clean + 1 Low Hang Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean ]

* Use the heaviest weight you can for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

Work up to a heavy in 10-12 mins.

Breathe with each movement will help keep athletes as organized/strong as possible across their attempts.

Smooth pulls and fast hips with a solid receiving position should be the focus of this strength session. We want athletes to lift heavier but not at the expense of losing form.

Make sure athletes don’t add weight if it does not look good or feel good. For beginners, stay light, work form, and use Dumbbells or a PVC pipe if needed to really hammer in technique.

Work up to a comfortable heavy set. Should only take 5-6 working sets.

10 rounds for time of:

7 Dumbbell Deadlifts, 50/35 lbs

7 Dumbbell Front Squats, 50/35 lbs

7 Dumbbell Shoulder-to-Overheads, 50/35 lbs

Stimulus is moderate, consistent effort with planned rests to keep reps moving efficiently. Athletes should use a weight that they can complete at least one round unbroken with (at least 2 unbroken rounds is the optimal amount across the entire workout). Grip fatigue will be a big limiter here, so athletes should be mindful of slightly relaxing their hands when possible during the squats. Try to transition from the squats right into the shoulder to overhead if possible.

Use the clock and try to keep round times consistent with staying on pace. The goal should be 1 round every minute or less.