SHRED Crossfit Open

Here are some important updates as we head into the start. Please read through it and reach out if you have any questions.

Open announcement and sign-ups:

  • Each week the workout for that specific week will be announced live at 7:00 pm on Thursday evening at the CrossFit website ( You should tune in each week as it is always fun to hear what the workout will be and also to start thinking about how you plan to attack the workout. Immediately after the announcement is made (usually between 7:30-8:00 pm) we will post a link to a sign-up genius website which will allow you to pick the day, the time, and the heat you wish to perform the workout. This link will be posted on both the SHRED Facebook community page as well as the SHRED website so everyone can access it.
  • Times which you may perform the workout at SHRED will be as follows: Friday nights between 5:00 pm-8:00 pm, Saturday morning between 9:30-12:00 noon, or Sunday afternoon between 1:00-3:00 pm.
  • We will have a judge for each athlete going during these scheduled times to keep track of your score, you don’t need to worry about that. Just show up and have fun!
  • Keep in mind you MUST complete the workout at SHRED in one of these time slots for it to count towards your team points. If you are unable to make it during these times you must work with your coach to see about a possible alternative time and day to complete the workout. There are no guarantees we can accommodate times outside of these but we will try as much as possible.
  • Do not sign up for multiple time slots. We have over 120 athletes doing the Open this year. If you plan to do the workout twice (to improve on your first time) you must wait until Friday night to register for an additional time slot to assure everyone has had the chance to sign up for a slot. Also, do not sign up for multiple time slots because you aren’t sure when you want to go. Pick a time/day and plan accordingly to be there.

Scoring System:

  • Team points will be awarded on many different things. A detailed scoring sheet will be posted at SHRED beginning next week. Here are the basic ways your team may earn points:
    • Place in the top 25 male or female athletes doing the workout as programed for RX
    • Place in the top 15 male or female athletes doing the workout as the scaled version is programmed
    • Place in the top 4 teen athletes
    • Participate in the weekly team points (spirt, food drive, etc.)
    • Have your coach guess one of the correct CrossFit moves announced in that week’s Open workout
    • Have your coach’s score count in either RX or scaled category as top 25 RX or top 15 scaled

Team Shirts:

  • The Open shirts will be in prior to the first Friday night. Once we have your shirts we will be sure to let you know how you may pick them up prior to the workout. We would love it if you wear the shirt when you perform the workout so we can show team unity and also get some great pictures as well. Feel free to “modify” them if you like (cut the sleeves off, pinterest it, whatever you want)

Weekly Themes:

  • Each week we try to do a different theme to add some additional fun to the SHRED Open.
  • The first week will simply be an introduction week and we will promote the food drive that will begin on week 1 and last all 4 weeks of the Open. Each team will receive points based on the amount of food brought in a donated to the Dublin Food Pantry. The points for items are shown in the attached sheet. ANY food item is welcomed and goes to a great local cause ( Please be sensitive to the items you donate. Don’t use this as an opportunity to “clean out” your pantry of old things!
  • The second week will be SPIRIT WEEK. Show your Team color spirit…whatever that looks like to you! Pictures will be taken and posted on the SHRED community page and voting will result in points for the most creative and fun people and their team!
  • Week three will be announced in the coming weeks….
  • Week four is the Food Drive finale week where all the food donated over the 4 weeks will be added up and scored.


In addition to all of this we will be announcing some other fun ways to enjoy the Open like viewing parties, vendors at SHRED during the Open, and other great stuff so stay tuned.