Jennifer Cusick

Coach / Gymnastics Coach


Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, on a pig farm, with two older brothers, I naturally followed their footsteps and fell in love with all sports. I found CrossFit in Mississippi back in 2011 and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with everything about it. Fast forward 7 years, I’ve had a CF-L1 cert for 5 years, I have been coaching for 5 years. I started coaching because I discovered that I am naturally good with people and am able to explain movements, purposes, body placement, etc. I enjoy talking, teaching and helping others on their overall fitness journey. I travel for my primary job, all over the US, and get to visit so many different CrossFit gyms – it’s awesome to be able to come home and share what I learn with others!

I spent 2 years training competitively for a Regionals spot, and am now understanding how to balance God, family, fitness, and friends.
Coming to SHRED has been a large part of learning that balance and has truly been a blessing.



  • CF-L2
  • Crossfit Gymnastics